Guarding Division

Security Officers

We supply security officers at all grades:

Grade D - Function being Patrolling and Access Control
Grade C - Function being that of D officer and Supervision
Grade B - Function being that of D & C officer and Site Management
Grade A - Function being that of D, C & B officer and Site Management

Loss Control Officers

We can supply officers who will employ risk management practices in an attempt to reduce the frequency or severity of losses.

Safety Officers

We can supply officers who will inspect places of work and work methods to make sure that they are safe.

Medically Trained Officers

We can supply officers who are trained in CPR and first aid. We can also supply officers with advanced medical training.

Retail Store Officers

We can supply officers who assist with shrinkage controls and stock-loss.

The officers are trained on invoice checking and detail checking to ensure all stock leaving the clients premises, does
so with the correct and authorized paper work.

Site Managers

We can supply professional and skilled managers to maintain the security on site.

Undercover Investigators

We can supply undercover investigators to capture employee theft, assets misappropriation and external theft of assets, etc.


We can supply caretakers who have various responsibilities on site.

Warehouse Checkers

We can supply checkers who conduct stock counts, count of stock that is loaded/offloaded from delivery trucks, etc.

Inventory Clerks

We can supply clerks who will conduct stock counts, stock control, stock checking, capturing of stock, etc.

Loading Supervisors

We can supply supervisors who check and count stock that is loaded/offloaded from delivery trucks.

CCTV Operators

We can supply you with professional and competent CCTV operators.

About Our Guarding Division

Administered interviews and technical skill certifications of personnel are just among a few of our quality control protocols that ensure our unmatched standards for excellent quality of service. All of our security officers are registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA).

Through a highly sophisticated PSIRA/SASSETA registered Training Centre and on-site training our security officers are trained for any environment and can handle any security challenge your organization may be confronted with. To improve the quality of service even further a detailed site specific job description will be compiled ensuring that all aspects of patrolling and regular duties are identified. This allows us to deliver a tailor made service to suit your exact needs.

Our excellent back-up service entails that all of our security officers are supervised by our experienced reaction staff and area managers, who are linked to our 24 hour computerized control centre via telephone, cell phone or two-way radio. Our skilled personnel are always on hand to provide support should the need arise.

As part of our quality assurance for service delivery, a guard monitoring system can be installed at your premises. Mag touch points can be placed throughout the premises or site providing you with up to date information on the productivity and effectiveness of our security officers looking after your business.

At SA Security Services we demonstrate:

Procedures and processes in place to monitor and manage service delivery to our customers.
We train and develop our personnel to deliver customer satisfaction and added value, to an agreed standard.
We have developed and implemented an effective quality management system that continually improves our organisation and its performance.
We measure and improve performance to customer requests and concerns.

Our goal is to create close working partnerships with our customers. In the process, we commit ourselves to total customer satisfaction. We are pro-active in all communications with our customers focusing on eliminating concerns and identifying risks before they become problems. We monitor every request to ensure our customers, are satisfied in a timely manner. We understand that our performance is essential to your business and we realize the necessity of adhering to the highest standard of quality assurance.