Dog Division

Dogs are man's best friend but at SA Security Services they become man's best weapon against intruders.

SA Security Services has years of expertise in dog handling, we provide quality canine services. This specialist service
is integral with the operations of normal security, and is available to enhance the effectiveness of high priority guarding

SA Security Services supplies dogs to both industrial and commercial clients. Our dogs are a superior
security solution for customers who may experience a greater level of risk due to the nature or location of their business.

At SA Security Services our guard dogs present the highest level of canine training. Our security dogs are
under the constant control of the PSIRA trained dog handler at all times. Their function is to alert our handler of any human
intruder and protect the handler where necessary.

Each handler undergoes training to ensure compatibility with the dogs. Not only are our handlers registered
with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA), they have completed a dog handlers course ensuring that
you have the most skilled and trained handler.

Our principal role is to ensure our clients are free to concentrate on their core activities, safe in the
knowledge their working environments are secure and protected. Our expertise lies in the ability to design tailor made
programmes, providing security solutions for any situation.

Our managers and supervisors have a combined wealth of experience and expertise and the
direct benefit of this is realised in the added value passed onto our customers in terms of increased operational
effectiveness and tangible pro-activity.

Overall, SA Security Services Dog Division provides a very effective, flexible and accountable service to your business.

A Vigilant Protection Tool

For the protection of people, property, assets and operations, dogs are a unique asset offering many
invaluable qualities. For hundreds of years dogs have been used to guard and protect. Security dogs are an unrivalled deterrent:

The dog's smell, sense and hearing supersedes that of the handler/security officer.
Dogs are incorruptible.
Dogs can detect intruders in conditions humans cannot.
Dogs are a psychological deterrent to criminals.
Unlike a firearm, a dog can not be used against its handler.
Dogs provide an additional barrier that intruders need to disable.
Dogs are an excellent early warning mechanism, allowing guards time to call for help, or raise the alarm