Industrial Cleaning Division

SA Industrial Cleaning is headed up by a team of specialised and focused personnel we can provide superior cleaning
for the most complex of cleaning tasks.

We cover a range of cleaning services such as:

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning requires the removal of compiled dirt which is hard to reach during daily cleaning and therefore is built
up when we arrive to clean it out.

We concentrate on removing deposits of carbon, grease, grime and waste leaving your premises germ free, smelling fresh
and most importantly within the health & safety laws.

Window Cleaning

Having dirty windows can portray a poor first image, so it is vital that they are regularly cleaned.

Our cleaning team is fully trained and equipped to safely clean your commercial or retail property, regardless of its size.
We clean the interior and exterior faces for commercial and retail concerns including offices, showrooms, warehousing
and many more with the least disruption to your business.

Carpet Cleaning And Sanitation

Carpets should be cleaned professionally on a regular basis to help alleviate stains, dirt build-up, pests and unwanted odours.

We can clean any commercial/retail carpet. We choose the best tried and tested chemicals and cleaning agents that will not leave a sticky residue or odours. Carpets cleaned by us stay cleaner longer and have a longer lasting fresh appearance.

Pre-Cleaning Of Vacant Buildings

Whether it's a corporate relocation or a hand over of a new building, we can provide excellent pre-cleaning services.

Hygiene Services

Washroom and Hygiene equipment has become an important aspect of a company's image. We provide Hygiene Solutions designed around you our client, to help maintain your professional image whilst taking care of all your hygiene requirements.

We specialize in Hygiene solutions for: Washrooms, Offices, Hospitality environments, Food Hygiene environments, Healthcare sector, Industrial & Mining

Degreasing Of Factory Floors

We provide a degreasing service for tough degreasing jobs, including factory and warehouse floors and walls.

Kitchen Extractor Cleaning

The regular cleaning and maintenance of kitchen extraction systems is essential on both hygiene and fire safety grounds because during continued use over a sustained period of time grease and other flammable substances accumulate within the ductwork, creating health and fire hazards. We offer kitchen extractor cleaning.

We provide a specialist extractor hood and duct cleaning service.

Ablutions, Kitchens

We offer a deep cleaning service for toilet, washroom and kitchen facilities. Our specialist team will ensure that washroom and kitchen areas are free of lime scale, uric acid and other deposits.

Down Pipes And Drains

We offer a specialized service of down pipe and drain cleaning. We clear and clean out pipes and drains that have accumulated fats, oils, sludge and scale build-up.

Canteen Areas And Hostels

A canteen in a poor condition can adversely affect the quality of worker's meals and indirectly affect the factory's productivity and workers motivation. We can clean and sanitise your canteen or hostel as often as you require.

We are acutely aware that, more than most projects, industrial cleaning requires a greater level of safety and expediency which is why our staff are expertly trained and have years hands on experience. Our skilled supervisors constantly monitor quality standards on site, thus ensuring our service addresses the unique requirements specified by each individual customer.

SA Industrial Cleaning has over 40 years of experience in cleaning many companies and large scale complexes, including offices, factories, warehouses, food production plants, restaurants and medical facilities. We provide continuous training on the latest equipment and techniques and our staff have a commitment to high standards in customer service.

SA Industrial Cleaning has developed a reputation for excellence in delivering a high quality service safely and professionally, achieving the right results, and customer care. Whatever your specialist cleaning requirements, we will have a cost effective solution.


A healthy work environment means less absenteeism through sick people spreading germs and disease throughout the workplace. Regular and efficient deep cleaning ensures a healthy and productive environment which in turn ensures the productivity of all staff which is critical to the survival of any business.

Our long experienced, highly trained staff and expert service ensures the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene for any environment.

Our clients are free to focus on their core business activities, thus enhancing overall productivity.

We tailor our cleaning services to suit our clients precise needs, guaranteeing our clients a customized package deal that adapts to specific times and situations most convenient to them.

Our clients are assured of a consistent, controlled service along with a uniformly high standard of cleaning.

We are constantly on the quest for knowledge and new cleaning technology. We optimally combine labour and mechanization to effectively clean our clients premises. This combination leads to cost savings and a more efficient and effective cleaning process.