CCTV is a superb security management tool.

A CCTV surveillance system deters, monitors and records unauthorised activities, such as intrusion and object
displacement, that may cause losses or liabilities. Systems can also raise alerts on detection of such activity,
enabling the relevant response. It provides views of key or vulnerable areas and footage serves as proof of crimes
to aid in identification of criminals and as evidence in court.

Within a company CCTV surveillance reduces shrinkage by monitoring staff, operations/processes and
visitors/customers. Tasks and processes can also be monitored for quality control, health and safety purposes.

Our security cameras provide functionality that fulfils your security system demands entirely. We specialise in all
types of CCTV installation, from single camera to multi-camera systems. CCTV surveillance cameras can be integrated,
combining internal and external cameras, static and moving dome cameras linked to your alarm system.

With our offsite online monitoring system our clients enjoy the peace of mind knowing that there is always a
watchful eye over their factory, office, home and possessions. Our security cameras are connected to and monitored
by our 24-hour 7-day-a-week computerized Control Centre. There, our experienced operators trained to the highest
standards will monitor your premises day and night ensuring fast reaction to any and all occurrences registering
on your CCTV and giving you total peace of mind.

Together with this our clients enjoy the benefit of being able to access their CCTV cameras anywhere in the world at
any time where there is an internet connection.

Our CCTV systems are available on a very reasonable 36 month rental basis which is fully tax deductible.