Alarm Systems

Criminal damage and theft costs businesses, home owners and insurance companies in South Africa billions of rands every year.

Intruder/Burglar alarm systems provide detection and also act as a deterrent to criminals whilst alerting police,
employees and neighbours.

The cost of a break-in can be far more reaching than the initial loss of stock. In a business environment delays
and disruption due to theft of computers, damage and general vandalism can lead to loss of customers and in
the home environment has long reaching effects on your family's peace of mind.

We install and maintain superior alarm systems that activate immediately if an intruder is detected. Our knowledge
of alarm systems ensures that your system is user-friendly, simple and effective at protecting your business,
employees, visitors, information and assets.

Our alarm systems are connected to and monitored by our 24-hour 7-day-a-week computerized Control Centre.
There, our experienced operators trained to the highest standards will monitor your alarm day and night ensuring
fast reaction to any and all occurrences and giving you total peace of mind.

Our excellent back-up service consists of our experienced reaction staff, who are linked to our 24 hour computerized
control centre via telephone, cell phone or two-way radio. Our skilled personnel are always on hand to provide support should the need arise.