Motshwari Security Services

Motshwari Security Services can offer you an extensive range of security services to help protect your premises against crime and cleaning services to maintain a hygenic and safe working environment.


Motshwari Security & Cleaning Services was established in 1999 as a joint venture between Motshwari Business Consultants (51% H.D.I Ownership) and SA Security Group (49 %).

The company was born out of the need to merge the old with the new and encourage our black partners to become involved in business ventures in which they as a group or as individuals can directly or indirectly add value to the success of the business. Motshwari Security & Cleaning Services will as far as possible avoid business oppurtunities that are purely of an investment nature. This philosophy remains in force as we strive to share skills with our historically disadvantaged partners.

SA Security Group brought with it to the joint venture over 40 years of experience which coupled with the network capabilities and business experiences of individuals within Motshwari is making this corporation a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

It is the goal of the corporation to transfer skills to our black partners whilst ensuring that sufficient resources are built up to enable true empowerment to take place. The management of SA Security Group pledged its entire resources and facilities to ensure that Motshwari Security & Cleaning Services remains successful.


Victor Selane

Administration Officer in National Soccer League.
National Promotions Manager at Premier Milling.
Franchisee from SAAN (South African Associated Newspapers)
Ventured into Construction.
Director in Motshwari Business Consultants (Pty) Ltd in 1997.

51% Ownership

John Borrett (MIS)

Chairman of 14 Companies.
Past Vice Chairman of SANSEA Gauteng.
Past National Vice Chairman and Executive NCCA Member.
National Trustee of Private Sector Security Provident Fund.
SASFED Member of SA Institute of Security.
Presently on SAIDSA Executive Committee.
Presently on SANSEA Executive Committee.

40% Ownership

Carol Borrett

Most of her career spent in Pharmaceutical Trade.
Group Human Resources Director.
Group Vice Chairman.
Membership in Security Corporations.
Female Security Specialist in the security industry.

9% Ownership


Motshwari Security Services can offer you an extensive range of services:

Guarding Division

Motshwari Security Services provides a superior guard force consisting of:

Security Officers (All Grades)
Site Managers
Loss Control Officers
Undercover Investigators
Safety Officers
Inventory Clerks
Medically Trained Officers
Warehouse Checkers
Retail Store Officers
Loading Supervisors
CCTV Operators

Dog Division

Motshwari Security Services has years of expertise in dog handling, we provide quality canine services. This specialist service is integral with the operations of normal security, and is available to enhance the effectiveness of high priority guarding duties.

Motshwari Security Services supplies dogs to both industrial and commercial clients. Our dogs are a superior security solution for customers who may experience a greater level of risk due to the nature or location of their business.

Alarms And CCTV Division

Burglar/Intruder Alarm Systems

We install and maintain superior alarm systems that activate immediately if an intruder is detected.

Our knowledge of alarm systems ensures that your system is user-friendly, simple and effective at protecting your business, employees, visitors, information and assets. Our alarms systems are monitored by our 24 Hour computerised control centre to ensure the fast reaction to our clients.


At SA Security Alarms our security cameras provide functionality that fulfils your security system demands entirely. We specialise in all types of CCTV installation and surveillance, from single camera to multi-camera systems.

Our security cameras are monitored off site by our 24 hour computerized control centre which ensures fast reaction to any and all occurrences registering on your CCTV. Together with this our clients enjoy the benefit of being able to access their CCTV cameras anywhere in the world at any time where there is an internet connection

Perimeter Control

Electric Fencing
Gate Automation
External Perimeter Protection Beams

Access Control

Code Access
Fingerprint Access
Swipe card Access
Security Gates and Burglar Proofing
Intercom Systems