"Getting Involved"

We have pledged our committment to the upliftment and enrichment of our local community which we have served for over the past 40 years.

We are 'getting involved' in supporting various local charities and implementing various community projects.

Step Up Campaign

Caxton Step Up Initiative is aimed at giving local businesses the opportunity to expand their social responsibility programmes by being able to beautify the environment in which they operate.

We have stepped up to do our part for our community and joined Caxton in this worthy initiative.

SA Security Group has been accepted by the Ekhuruleni Metro to maintain Vlakfontein Road, between Fulcrum and KwaThema as part of the Step Up Campaign.

We have employed a full time general worker, Steven Baloyi, who is dedicated to the maintenance and upkeep of this lengthy stretch of road. Baloyi's role is one close to his heart as he lives on Vlakfontein Road and is excited that he is able to have a hand in its upkeep.

Supporting Local Charities

We are actively involved in giving back to charities in and around our community.

Helping Others To Sparkle

For the past three years we have been donating cleaning detergents and chemicals on a monthly basis to local charities, in an effort to lessen the burden of these organisations find themselves under every month.

Supported charities include:

Chance Children's Home and Nuturing Centre

Children of the Light Care Centre

The Good Samaritan Children's Home

Graceland Care Centre

Dawie Kabouter Creche

Look Local Children's Charity Party

We helped to bring smiles to some children on the East Rand from various childrens homes with a cash donation for gifts at the Look Local Children's Charity Party during December.

Our staff also joined the Caxton Team on the day and provided face painting and balloons for the children.